New revolution in Manfactaturing - 3D Printing

Today's world is so technology driven, fast and moving... and we are so open to changes now, that nothing much surprises us..
But I must admit that I was really amazed when I came across the technology of 3d printing... I really under estimated the technology considering it as a plastic melting machine...
Was amuse to know that this machine not just manufactures easy, light and durable goods but it can make a home, food or even beating heart.

My eye opener was 3D Zest which is a company founded by some sharp young scholars from IIT ... Their seminar made me think of the manufacturing to a new level.

And the good news is that first time ever, they have a seminar which is open for all.

It's on 23rd May 2015, in Mumbai in INR 900/- only..
If you want to experience the next level of technology so register yourself on below link..

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Let me tell you something about my blog. work N funn might not be a new term, but still people do not actually understand what is it.

Most of use work. May be for money, ambitions, passion, to pass the time or just because others do! but most of the surveys say that many people don't enjoy their jobs after some time. Because it becomes like a meal without salt(In India we hardly have anything which has no salt). Now the salt in this case is fun, There has to be a fun to make your work interesting. but as more salt can spoil the taste in the same way only fun than work can not be good solution.

Most Important thing is the balance...!

In this blog I have tried to find out the balance in between, and would like to have your Inputs too...! Please check the blog. I would like if you like any of the ideas, and would like to take your ideas of work and fun.

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